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Gprinter 80mm high speed thermal receipt printer C80250I Plus


  • 250mm/s high speed
  • Interface: Serial+USB+Ethernet
  • 100MB network interface card makes the connection and print more faster, advoid receipts misprinting.
  • High speed driver printing mode ,serial speed is 66% faster.
  • Rusume printing automatically after disconnection.
  • Standard GB18030 simplified/traditional Chinese.
  • Built in data buffer which can receive new task when printing is in progress.
  • Characters can be enlarged, bonded, underlined, line space and character space.
  • Support different density NV logo and download printing.
  • Low power consumption and low operation cost.
  • Support print status monitoring, multilink print.
  • Support printer identification, software bundle, high speed driver printing mode.
  • Compatible with EPSON ESC/POS command sets. Character and columns per line are optional by using DIP switches.


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